A revolution in education.

Libro de texto - iPad

Technological advances made in the last couple of years offer major advances for the educational system.

Up until now there have been impediments to the widespread implementation of digital solutions by publishers and schools.

But now the time has come for a revolution in the classroom.

The time is now.

Tablets for all

With the growth of tablets using the Android operating system, having an electronic device is no longer a luxury but rather an educational tool that is becoming ever more affordable for families.

Ebook success

In the USA and UK, ebook sales now outnumber those of paper books. The advantages of digital books and their ease of use, will make them the standard in the coming years.

Natural learning

Families see how their children learn while having fun with tablets, enjoying the intuitive interface and entertaining applications. Now they want to extend that opportunity to classrooms.

Ease of use

Children find using tablets extremely intuitive and are immediately attracted to their easy navigation and dynamic content. Adaptation to digital learning takes only minutes.

Tecnology that serves the student.

Easy initiation with digital content.

The digital learning model in schools is still being developed and there is still much to learn about materials and methods. Our method maintains the text book as the base but converted into an enriched eBook with interactive content, video, audio, dictionaries, links, etc. selected according to teachers preferences.

Tablet con libro de texto


Tests are a fundamental part of learning at all levels of education. With AvanzaLearning the student has access to a wide variety of of test that can be accessed from inside the books which allow students to evaluate their level of knowledge before taking a formal exam. Our books include different types of tests such as multiple choice, flashcards, fill in the blanks, etc.


A platform that tracks students' learning.

Similar to how online analytics optimize content for consumers, AvanzaLearning tracks student activity and generates metrics that analyze both students' efforts and results achieved; time spent studying different subjects, areas of strength and weakness, etc.

Personalized education.

Students and teachers have access to analysis tools that allow them to view metrics and compare them to those of other students. Teachers can make use of the information and adapt contents to each student's needs, functionality we call dynamic content, designed to reinforce areas where a student is weak and extend those where the student shows greater proficiency. Thanks to our metrics, teachers, tutors and parents can identify problem areas earlier and resolve them more easily.


Interactive content optimized for tablets.

Our educational platform doesn't use static content like pdfs or flash which has compatibility issues, we only use universal digital standards, such as ePub, which is supported by all the leading devices in the market.


Existing textbooks can be used as is and can be enriched with interactive elements. eBooks use the same technology as web pages and can include all sorts of interactivity: video, audiio, links, image carrusels, graphics with hotspots, pop-ups, etc.


Tablets fit perfectly into a school environment. Our platform is 100% designed for tablets. All content is available offline with a synchronization feature, avoiding support problems.

Flexible contents

eBooks were born precisely to be an alternative to flash and pdf content. They allow users to change the size of text and they adapt to any screen size, from smartphones to computers. Likewise their flexible format permits updating content without having to create a new book.

Tools for students.

Library service

The tablet itself includes an online bookstore. It includes complementary books and other didactic material.

Educational applications.

The library doesn't just contain books. It also provides access to a large variety of games and educational applications that students can use to complement their core books. This content passes through AvanzaLearning's strict quality controls and those of the school itself.

My learning

Students can maintain a private tracking of their learning progress with analysis of time spent studying, tasks realized and other metrics tracked by the platform.

Educational excellence.

The AvanzaExcelencia program allows for the creation of personalized learning experiences for each student that change gradually as the student advances in particular subjects. This program includes metrics linked to student materials, which allows teachers and tutors to identify subject areas where the student has a solid understanding and design study programs with additional content and exercises to extend the learning process. As an example this tool permits teachers to analyze how quickly students carry out assignments compared to the class average. Thanks the the flexibility of the eBook format teachers can include different materials to expand skills and knowledge.

Teacher tools.

Creation of study plans

Teachers can design a combination of subject areas, books and exercises according to every student's unique needs.

Test creation

Both self-correcting and traditional tests can be created which are then send directly from the tablet to the professor.

Tracking portal

The system tracks students' activity continuously in order to follow their progress. Teachers can access this information to indentify areas of strength and weakness.

Work both online and offline


Reduce the need to maintain Internet connectivity.

The importance of offline.

Having hundreds of students depending on a shared Internet connection is a risk for schools. eBooks are downloaded and stored in the tablet permitting offline access to all content. Students are not dependent on having Internet access for normal access, just for syncing new content.

You only download once

Traditional e-learning requires constant downloading of pdfs and other documents. With eBooks, an entire semester's content can be downloaded once and then students have everything needed to get working, with all the performance and without requiring additional downloads.

Internet access control

An offline solution provides greater security as schools can forget about the incorrect use of Internet or other abuses. Likewise, since the system is closed the school can limit access to approved content only.

Solid channel for publishers.

Maintain margins

No printing and distribution costs, no large commissions. Avanza Learning takes care of sales and support. More sales, better margins, no risk.

The content already exists

We help publishers with the conversion of their textbooks to digital format so there's no additional effort required to sell with Avanza Learning.

Proven technology

Our reader technology is in use around the world. It includes a proprietary DRM system that is more robust than existing systems.

Schools can try it out without risk.

Proven technology

We offer a custom, closed educational platform, with content access and DRM already proven in the market.

Ebooks work just like regular books

Both educators and students are familiar with eBooks, which avoids adaptation problems and allows teachers to maintain existing teaching methods.

It starts with a pilot.

Schools don't want to take risks with eduction. We understand the need to advance step-by-step. That's why we offer pilot programs to try our system and see the benefits directly.